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IN.S.A.N.E. Animation film festival

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Book IN.S.A.N.E. animation pop-up film festivel to your event!

Book IN.S.A.N.E. animation pop-up film festivel to your event!

11 12 13 september 2015
– animate everything – frame everyone-
at Iranian Culture house, Iranska Kulturhuset – in Malmö Sweden

NB The entire festival is at Iranian Culture house, Iranska Kulturhuset a venue on the same street as the old venue Panora, where the daytime program should have been screened

Iranska kulturhuset

Iransk Svenska Solidaritetsföreningen, Iranska kulturhuset, Ängelholmsgatan 3, Malmö

Friday 11 september, 6-8 pm and saturday, sunday 11 12 september, 11-12 pm

Ängelholmsgatan 3, Malmö,

a venue close to the old daytime venue Panora.

The evening program at Iranska Kulturhuset, 7pm-12pm, will copy the themes of the daytime program. Every film that is accepted will be screened.

Festival Description and program
IN.S.A.N.E. animation film festival at Iranian Culture house, Iranska Kulturhuset

Insane logga

  • An INternational Animated film festival in Malmö, Sweden, to celebrate 100 years of Swedish animation with an animation festival/fair.

The first Swedish animated film is 100 years old,
the film, Trolldrycken, The Demon drink by Victor Bergdahl, 1915:


  • An INternational Animaton film festival that will take a stand for Noted Events in Society, with an Echo.
  • The film festival is free and it is not a contest. You are welcome to buy an IN.S.A.N.E. badge at one of the bookstores in the foyer at Panora and at Iranska Kulturhuset to support the festival.
  • IN.S.A.N.E. animation film festival is a private initiative to make a platform for animation artists to show their work, meet like-minded people, grow the interest for animation and stop-motion films, to show how various cultural manifestations are linked and to show different ways to see life in society, globaly.

IN.S.A.N.E. animation film festival is happy to announce that over 1150 animated films, 1min to a little bit over 1h, from all around the world, have been signed up and 200 of them are screened at Iranska Kulturhuset a venue for about 50 people.

Music videos and films with music will be shown on the Restaurant Spice , a dinner party on the opening night, after the opening, for the participants and invited guests.

The festival will show films in the original language, most have English subtitles, others do not. Some movies are just in English. An opportunity for you to take part of films from other countries in all possible languages.

The film festival will show INternationell Noted Events in Society with an Echo, with opportunity to mingle, origami workshop., stop-motion filming your origami figures and to take note of the information and book stalls.

Summary of the program:

The evening program  at Iranska Kulturhuset, 7pm-12pm, will copy the themes of the dayprogram. Every film that is accepted will be screened.

Friday, September 11, at. 6pm-8pm at Iranska Kulturhuset:
Opening evening at Iranska Kulturhuset, drinks and snacks, presentation of Swedish animation history of 100 years and a few short films in the same style as the first Swedish animation film , Trolldrycken, The Demon drink, 1915 .

Invited guests continue at Restaurant Spice where music videos and films with music will be screened. A dinner party on the opening night, after the opening, for the participants and invited guests.

Saturday, September 12, 3 Film Block at 11-12 am, at 1pm-3 pm, at 4pm-6pm, at 7-12 pm at Iranska Kulturhuset:
There will be a mix of films made by students at colleges from around the world, continue with Art as life and end with magic.

The daytime is divided into 3 different film blocks with 1-hour intervals for the opportunity to mingle, origami workshops,stop-motion filming your origami figures and to take note of the information- and book stalls.

Sunday, September 13, 3 Film Block at 11-12 am, at 1pm-3 pm, at 4pm-6pm and at 7-12 pm Iranska Kulturhuset:
Closing Festival for big and small ,with cute stories , children’s film , a mix of films made by children at culture- animation schools and students at colleges from around the world. The day ends with Framing change theme and Thousand Cranes for Peace & Environment 2015.

A closing of the festival with short films dealing with the situation in our world concerning war, peace, environment , freedom and love.

The daytime is divided into 3 different film blocks with 1-hour intervals for the opportunity to mingle, origami workshops,stop-motion filming your origami figures and to take note of the information- and book stalls.

This year is the first IN.S.A.N.E. animation film festival and the vision is to grow into a animation fair in Malmö, Sweden.

The film festival takes place in cooperation with Malmö Stad Kulturexpressen, Iransk Svenska Solidaritetsföreningen/Iranska kulturhuset, Origami Sweden Lab, Filmcentrum syd, More Hotel Malmö, Restaurang Spice, Panora, Creative Friends, all you film makers and creative people out there…

This is the first time ever for the festival to take place and we look forward to having you as a visitor and special guest at the festival and Iranska kulturhuset.

Best Regards,

Petra Palm
Insane animation film festival organiser


The eveningprogram at Iranska Kulturhuset, 7pm-12pm, will copy the themes of the day. Every film that is accepted will be screened.

Friday, September 11, 2015, 6pm-8pm at Iranska Kulturhuset:

The festival begins with an opening night at 6pm-8pm.


Drinks and snacks are offered in the foyer and then the evening begins with a talk about 100 years of Swedish animation history. After 1 hour of animation history , there will be some short films in the same style as the first Swedish animation film , Trolldrycken, The Demon drink, 1915. And there can be more to come… UR talks about their animation production.

220px-Midhat_”Ajan”_Ajanović_2_(2012-09-30) Midhat Ajan Historie berättaren

Midhat Ajanovic Ajan introduces his talk:

Svensk animation hundra år:

För exakt hundra år sedan visades Victor Bergdahls animerade film Trolldrycken för första gången, vilket innebar den svenska animationens födelse. Bergdahl skulle snart skapa den animerade serien om kapten Grogg och en spännande resa tog fart.

Svensk animation framstår idag som en vital 100-åring som i sitt sköte bär en rik tradition av animerad barnfilm, animation inspirerad av moderna tecknade serier, dokumentärt och mycket annat. Välkomna till en resa genom svensk animations historia i form av en föreläsning som presenterar en spännande utveckling av ett något försummat filmhistoriskt fenomen.

Föreläsningen är illustrerad med utvalda klipp från tidstypiska filmer.

Midhat ”Ajan” Ajanovic: filmvetare och programansvarig lärare på programmet 3D-animation & visualisering vid Högskola Väst i Trollhättan is an author and film maker born in Sarajevo (Bosnia).
He teaches animation at various Swedish film schools and writes regularly about film and animation.
He has published many books in various genres and in several languages. Some of his books dealing with history and theory of animated film will be sold in the foyer during the festival.

After 100 years of Swedish animation history there will be short animated films screened which follow the style of the first Swedish animation film, The Demon drink, Trolldrycken from 1915 and the first film submited to Insane, Thought Power from Nigeria.


Thought Power
By Edu Shola
Kunle, a young man who is consumed by negative thoughts, he thinks he is going to die by a gunshot. He made it a routine, he thinks negatively all day, all night, but one night he was faced with the reality he created with his thoughts.
This animated short is created to inspire you to take charge of your thoughts and use it positively and productively in all your endeavors, instead of subjecting your mind to ill-thoughts.

Trolldrycken, The Demon drink
By Victor Bergdahl, 1915

A Portrait
By Aristotelis Maragkos
A drawing line explores the life and death of my Grandfather.

Turkish Resistance
By Yasemin Wilson
Take a journey from the past to present day of the ins and outs of Turkish culture and its politics.

By Andrea Castillo
A man walks above a line that tries to sabotage him.

Sky High
By Stewart Powers
A whiteboard animation which follows the upwards adventure of a young boy

Invited guests continue 8.30 pm-1 am at Restaurant Spice where music videos and films with music will be screened. A dinner party on the opening night, after the opening, for the participants and invited guests.

Saturday September 12, 2015, at 11pm-12pm at Iranska Kulturhuset:

There will be a mix of films made by students at colleges from around the world, continue with Art as life and end with magic.

The day is divided into 3 different film blocks at 11am-12am , 1pm-3pm, 4pm-6pm with 1 hour intervals for the opportunity to mingle, origami workshop , stop-motion filming your origami figures and to take note of the information and book stalls.

The evening program will have short breaks betwen the film themes.

The day will begin at 11am-12 am with the theme Framed by College Students
A mix of films made by students at colleges from around the world.

Da_Funk_-_Poster framed by collagestudents

Fat_MovieImage_001 framed by collagestudents

05.Adverse_Reaction02 framed by collagestudents


Da Funk

By Mike Green
A bully causes a normal school day to become funky.

By Camila Monart
Fat is a girl that suffers from an eating disorder. She has to deal with a world that can’t understand her problem, a world that can only judge her

Eileen NTU
By students from Singapore.
A playful animated film that revolves around an umbrella superstition. A bubbly girl made a discovery and decided to go against her granny to save their world from drought!

A film with no name by Hutong Meow
The film is about one random day of the life of a homeless cat, how he explores the city of old Beijing.

Adverse Reaction
By Lai Wei
The animation is about a patient who takes an aspirin, but suffers bad adverse reaction which gives him strange and incomprehensive hallucination. I want to show that during the innovation of medicine in Victoria time, there was little control of the drug and medicines used by patient and because of many accidents were possible in pharmacy.

Siew Li & Ah Fai
By Low Hui Li

In a futuristic Singapore, Siew Li, a grumpy old lady mechanic creates cleaning robot Ah FAI (friendly artificial intelligence) to help clean up her apartment while she fixes her vacuum cleaner.
Child-like Ah FAI wants Siew Li’s approval, but she treats him like an appliance. Ah FAI tries to impress Siew Li through its cleaning antics but ends up messing up her apartment.
Ah FAI believes he will be replaced, and works extra hard cleaning to the point of breaking his arms. Ah FAI fears that this might be the end of him

By Elana Meyers
Communicycle discusses the changing of technology and its affects on day-to-day relationships.

A song we wrote
By Dylan Marey
A widow and her house are trying to find back happines trough music and memories

Old Emil
By Javier Ferrer

“Emil is an old man whose loneliness and memories of war have made him lose his mind. He and his faithful companion Edgar, an old flea-ridden mutt, try to survive in a society they fail to understand”.

Sweetheart and money
By Julia Lis
A story with two characters

Like There Is No Tomorrow
By Marilyn Haddad
Leila, living in beirut, wants to dance in able to survive her daily stressful routines

LIFE is just a FILE
By Dikesh Khadgi SHahi
Ego, greed, money, power, prestige, hate, love, beauty, sacrifice… and… life.
Remaining is just a file.

By Alice Reily de Souza

Sad dog meets overly enthusiastic hand.

1pm-3pm we continue with the theme Framing Art as Life beginning with short animation films on the theme and continuing with two contemporary animation producers in Malmö, Sweden talk about their work and show parts of their production.

Poster Framing art as life

From_the_eastern_lands_3 framing the magic

IMG_20140918_230535 Kali Framing art as life

Volans6 framing art as life

Screen_Shot_2014-07-03_at_5.35.22_PM framing art as life

  • Henrik Möller: active animator and film maker in Malmö , who makes daring social realism zero budget films. Möller studied at the Malmö Film School in 2001 and 2002 , Fridhem Folk High School’s video course 2002- 2003 and the Institute for Higher television training in Gothenburg 2003-2005.
  • Conor McMullin: an Irish animation artist based in Malmö. He is specialised in preproduction, Timing Direction and Storyboarding, and works on a lot of international projects as 3d animator at Smartfilm AB.

The theme Framing art as life ends, 2-3 pm, with a long feature film, The Hunting of the Snark


By Luce Grosjean
Souls of a white world create light until one becomes faulty.

Paths of Light
By Nelson Fernandes
“Paths of Light” is an abstract poetic journey that appeals the observer pure imagination.

By Murat Sayginer
The journey of a flying fish

immortals in the sky delivering new baby
By han han li
an animated homage to my grandmother and her art of folk embroidery

Da Vinci Project
By Alain Escalle
A visual diary of Renaissance’s world

By Guy Shahaf
Dutch themed animation is inspired by M.C Escher, his work of art and the paradox within his creations.

River Fleet sailor’s death
By Anzhela Bogachenko
Videopoetry “River Fleet sailor’s death” (poetry by Serhij Zhadan).
Voice – Anzhela Bogachenko

By Shweta Bendre
It is a fight dance sequence showing the Indian goddess Maa Kali

Seriously Deadly Silence
By Sara Koppel
– A one minute moment of 60 endangered species.

A sphere made of mirrors fuses with self-willed rocks to form a bust.

The Hunting of the Snark (Feature film)
By Saranne Bensusan

Based on Lewis Carroll’s final poem, this is the story of a group of strangers that come together to hunt the mysterious Snark even though none of them know what it is or really have a hope of capturing it if they found it!


The afternoon ends at 4pm-6pm with Framing the magic with short films on the theme and concludes with a feature film, Houdini .

Kikos paradasi framing the magic

posterA3 Framing the magic Flickan med svavelstickorna


Rosso Papavero
By Martin Smatana
Once upon a starry night, a small boy with the head full of fantasies witnesses dreamlike circus performances.
Dazed by endless chain of glittering attractions he realizes that the price for a ticket to the fantastic circus tent is too high and gate between reality and dream is closing.

From the Eastern Lands
By Sarah Tabibzadeh
The story of a familiar love between a young couple in the eastern lands who live neighborhood of gravity. Main point of their meeting, separation and Join is music: an art that makes easier difficult experience of love

By Ricardo Reis
Drop by drop a large container of water (slowly) starts to fill with water. “Apara the boy who comes and goes”, tells the story of a boy in an African small village . The boy’s name is Apara.
On the other side of the world lives Gideon, a boy of the same age in a city where he has everything.

Golden Bird
By Debraj Sarkar
A child came to his village home and listens a story from his grandmother. In earlier days the elders used to tell stories of imaginary characters to encourage children. Those imaginary things captured the children too much that they remained with them even in their later years. In this tale a grandmother captured the confined life of a child with that very story.

Light River
A joerney on the Light river

The Artist’s Insomnia
By Mauricio Vides Almonacid
After a night of failed attempts to sleep, the artist tries to overcome his insomnia by working on a painting. However, something extraordinary occurs with his paint, when during the process, they come alive.

The Little Match Girl
By Kyoko Yamashita
She is just a child who struggles to survive in the concrete jungle. She was born unwanted, survives in the infamous way and she will die rejected being the way she is. Indigent, dirty and uneducated.
In refuge of the imaginary, she finally finds comforting end.

The Street Artist
By Mahmoud Hindawi
The Street Artist is a short film depicting an ageing artist who despite his incredible talent, is disillusioned and in need of inspiration

Kiko is a “magician” who, with a pencil, brings his creations to life: beautiful teddy bear dolls. While in a world tour with his dolls Kiko has an airplane crash and remains trapped for twenty years on an island with only one surviving doll: Boro the teddy bear.

HOUDINI (Feature film)
By Jean-Baptiste Wery

New York, 1886.
Ten-year-old Harry has been obsessed with magic since infancy. But it is tedious and relentless work to learn magic, will Harry be strong enough to become a true magician?
It’s the beginning of a long and winding road for Harry.

Evening program:

Saturday evening, September 12, 2015 at 7pm-12 pm at Iranska Kulturhuset:

There will be a mix of films made by students at colleges from around the world, continue with Art as life where Stephie Pheodora, a contemporary animation producer living in Berlin will talk about her new project, Black hand animation and Straight from the whom.  and show parts of that production. The evening ends with magic.

The evening program will have short breaks betwen the film themes.

The evening starts at 7-8 pm with the theme Framed by College Students:


College students need_a_hand_poster

kaka koooko A4






















By Luz Corona Piñera
Nuberto is a magical boy who uses his gifts to spread joy and happiness via conjured ice cream treats.

By Marcos Andavert
Emotional transition seen from within oneself

Maple Syrup
By Yoshino Aoki
A girl traveled from Canada opens her suitcase at home and finds something unexpected…

Wild Encounter:
By: Wild EnPhillip Brunson, Yadnee Kohok, Carlos Soler Quiroga
Wild Encounter is a short 2-D animation about a family’s trip in a drive through safari. While the kids want to feed the wild animals, the father only wants to keep his car safe from harm. It is all up to the father to put a stop to the oncoming slobber fest.

Horn Ok Scream
By Aashay Meshram
The film is about an Indian truck driver’s journey on a highway and the events that follow.

Need A Hand?!
By Kong Yee Rou

Caitlin is a teenage zombie that struggles with the fact that she has an arm with a mind of its own. Her arm would constantly get in her way whenever she is trying to do something.

Gashapon Kou-lou-kou-lou
By Wei-Yuan Chen
Facing the plots that we transformed from our observation of society, the leading role questioned the society and intended to do something at last.

By Laura Campo de Luna
Lentils is the story of a girl drowned out by her own environment, someone looking for an alternative to the jarring social polyphony. A faint melody becomes clearer in the jumble of selfishness and fear, everyday strangers, capturing her attention. That is all she would like to hear. But no one will shut up. So that’s the game: all or nothing. And nothing is not an option. This is Lentils: if you want them, well, if not… (Spanish proverb).

By Victor Chavanne
Pandu is a young Indonesian boy who lives in a rural village in Sumatra. His mother owns a small restaurant beside lake Toba. The film follows Pandu on his daily journey as he delivers his mothers cooked food to a range of clients living and working in and around the village. Through his journey we discover the extraordinary locations of Sumatran countryside and the interactions of its inhabitants.

Where are you hiding
By Nadia Abate,Victoria Musci, Francesco Forti
Pietro, a four year old child dreams of finding the brother he has always longed for.
When he wakes up he sets off to look for him, involving all the children of the neighborhood in an adventurous and fantastic hunt.

Window To Nowhere
By Maxim Bulakh
1990s. Russia. The young family man falls a victim to criminal accident, in which he lost his wife. Since then all his life is a view from his window. He’s sitting and waiting for something joyful to happen.

Eliot Trix
By Eliot TriAnna Outridge
Eliot Trix is a young boy who is fascinated by fixing things. When Eliot’s father becomes terminally ill, Eliot struggles to come to terms with the situation.

8-10pm the evening continue with the theme Framing Art as Life beginning with short animation films on the theme and continuing with  Stephie Pheodora, a contemporary animation producer living in Berlin will talk about her new project, Black hand animation and Straight from the whom.

Framing Art as Life:

Art poster_print_FINAL_COLOR_small

Art Incredible_India_Poster

Art Marie_Curie.01

Art 755_10151278474394294_995337483_n



























By Stewart Powers
A mixed media film about the changing seasons.

Incredible India
By Shashank Nimkar
An animated film about Indian tourism, highlighting places of and experiences in India to invite tourists.
Shot using 1,242 wax candles at around 50 degree Celsius temperature.

The Love
By Pamelyn Chew
THE LOVE is a documentary of an unspoken memory of a woman being robbed while visiting her home in Malaysia

By Panop Koonwat
It conveys a humor story about Cupid, who makes Adam and Evefall in love.

The Guest of Marie Curie
By Sarah Gampel
This is a story about the Nobel Prize winning scientist Marie Curie, her scientific research about radioactivity and about a spider family that gets to know the effects of it.

The book of the dead
By Alain Escalle
In the rubble of a neighborhood slated for demolition, somewhere in Eastern Europe, Mikhail is grappling with his own personal demons, in the course of an ultimate journey among the ghosts trapped in the pages of a book. Faded images from the past and painful memories gradually come to life.

By Marcelo Castro / Marlon Tenório

An unpublished painting, the meeting of two geniuses in a single painting arrives to the museum at a rainy night.

  • Stephie Pheodora living in Berlin talks about her new project Black hand animation and Straight from the whom. 

Black hand animation 11947778_772751306167690_2811024229836807412_o (2)


Black Hand Animation creates humorous animated social commentary.  Stephie  has been writing, directing, and producing for over ten years. Her career began leading her international theatre company, Black Hand Theatre, which she wrote and directed for on three continents. For this, Stephie won awards, such as Best Script, Audience’s Choice, Critic’s Choice and Best Director. The success of her company led her to become a sitting member of the ARTSmatters Panel, alongside the Governor General of Canada, as well as many other political posts, where she was an active voice in the Canadian arts community. After moving to Berlin, Germany, in 2009, she changed her focus to video games and interactive design. In 2012 Stephie joined the mobile games company, Wooga, as content designer for their hit titles, including “Pearl’s Peril”.

The evening ends, 10pm-12pm, på  with the theme Framing the magic:

Magic img006

magic kure_main_v4-0-00-01-09























By Tanya Zaman
A street artist paints a beautiful mural of a woman on the wall, and is suddenly chased by police for having vandalized. The beautiful creation comes to life to save her creator in a chase scene through the favela’s of Rio de Janeiro.

Everyday Life
By arturo téllez
Inspired by the early actualities of the Lumière brothers and picture books, Everyday Life , is an ode to the cinema, a contemplative cartoon full of pop culture references.

Golden Shot
By Gökalp Gönen
Rusty machines living in their small houses, imagine that the sun will come and take them to the sky someday. A small light, keeps them alive and dreaming. But one of the machines wants to see the sun itself and he has a plan for that.

By Eri Pedrozo and Jehisel Ramos
This story takes place in an ancient city by the sea. Adolfo, a young, reliable an analytical photographer who is in love with the city and Iris, a down-to-earth and sweet girl, witness a relentlessly march, in the atmosphere helplessness and hopelessness can be perceived, a perfect excuse for the plans of a white gloved man… If you could erase from your mind the bad memories, would you do that?

Switch Man
By Hsun-Chun Chuang
In a normal quiet Sunday, Dr. Evil Mantis attacted K-City unexpectedly with his gigantic claw, the entire city in panic and in danger.

Losing Colors
By Ozan Gonen

Created by watercolor technique, the movie gives some insight in a symbolic way into how external factors such as television, teachers, bosses, and friendship shape human mind.

The Rainbow Flower Garden
By Kurumi Hakamata
A story of a man who dreamed of the rainbow flower garden.
He found an infant Tyrannosaurus-Rex and tried to stay with the baby, but the mother didn’t allow him to do so.

By Aidan McAteer
He has lived in London and Vancouver and animated on such high profile TV shows as Peppa Pig, My Little Pony, The Secret Show and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom

Deadly tells the story of Boney, a working stiff in a dead-end job. That is until he has a run-in with a spirited old lady named Bridie…

By Germán Velasco

An old couple follows their also old dog into a memory of their youth. This will make them question the environment and their current life which leads to a tragic decision.

The Life of Torpid
By Shariful Anik

From the very beginning the film starts to describe the life of a young boy who lost his mother at very early age

My Stuffed Granny
By Effie Pappa

Little Sofía loves her grumpy granny: even though she is always hungry and eats what little food they can buy. Her pension is the only thing keeping her and her father alive. To what extremes will they go to once granny is no more?

The Blue Sweater
By Dhaneesh Jameson
A story of a promise made by a girl to her little brother Unni. She will knit him a sweater in his favorite color, blue, by the next full moon.

The Game turns Serious
By Mili Eugine

Ten year old Ann Mary returns to a boarding school in her native land of Kerala to fulfil her NRI parents’ desire to learn their culture. The culture shock in her new environment accentuated by a field trip to a temple gives her nightmares.

Malika and the Witch (Project Papa N’Zénou tale Africa)
By Nabaloum Boureima

Every year at the custom, in the village of Mossi customary chief organizes a party in his kingdom called “rassandaga” in Moore, the meetings of party.
This year one, ripe young girls from the neighboring village decide to take part in the special event, a question perhaps to find Prince Charming, whose fledgling Mossi girl of their age dream one day.

Ahco on the Road
By Soyeon Kim
Inspired by a nature documentary, “Ahco on The Road” is the story of a baby elephant, ‘Ahco’, who is on a journey to find her way back home after being separated from her mother.

By Irene Cubells
In the lonely steppe of Mongolia a shooting star fall from heaven, altering the fate of two young children who embark on a journey that will mark his life.

The Watchmaker’s Apprentice
By Julian Grant
When a young apprentice is fired by his employer, he takes his revenge

Si Lunchai
By Hannes Rall
The poor yet smart trickster Si Lunchai triumphs over the cruel king. An adaptation of an Indonesian legend, inspired by the style of the Southeast Asian shadow puppet play “Wayang Kulit.

Salvation Beach
By Matthew Davis
A young man is day dreaming when he gets distracted by an old wise man who tells him a secret about reality of life.

Eloïse, little dreamer
By Myriam L. Obin
I wanted to make a film feeling a little bit like a dream, showing a peaceful protest being repressed by the system in place, but from the point of view of a neutral spectator, Eloise

Sunday, September 13, 2015 at 11pm-12pm at Iranska Kulturhuset:

Closing Festival for big and small , with cute stories (for children in the day and adults in the evening), children’s film, a mix of films made by children at culture- animation schools and students at colleges from around the world. The day ends with Framing change theme and Thousand Cranes for Peace & Environment 2015. A closing of the festival with short films dealing with the situation in our world concerning war, peace, environment , freedom and love.

The day is divided into 3 different film blocks with 1-hour intervals for the opportunity to mingle, origami workshop , stop-motion filming your origami figures and to take note of the information and book stalls.

The day will begin at 11am-12am with a film block, Framed by children and college students:
A mix of films made by children at culture- animation schools and students at colleges

Bild till söndagen framing children and collagestudents

Framed by children

Bild till söndagen framing children and collagestudents 2


The Classroom
By Hélio Silva
Animation about a regular day in the classroom that shows types of teachers and students.

Math test
By Umair Zabihullah
The starting point was to make a film about
a normal school day .
In the film , he describes a diagnostic test as a competition or a game.

Recreational Dreams
By Nicola Sobot & Elyas Mohammadi
What do you do in your spare time?
The question we put to a bunch of young people on the farm in Högsby
Who then made animated film on this theme

Guitar Man
By Aurora Picture Show
Jaulavia, a girl in the 3rd grade, discusses the things that are most important to her: drawing, music, and her family. With original score by the narrator herself.

The water seeker
By Leo Humphreys-Newman Codirector
Ignacio Nieto-Butelo Codirector
Juan, a Spanish boy, hopes to teach many things to Hamada, a summer exchange visitor from Africa. However, it is Hamada who teaches Juan something he will never forget.

We all need help
By Aldo Abril
A man emigrates from Brazil to Spain in search of work. There, he realizes that each of us needs help from the other.

Child Rights
This Animation movie is created by the 5th Grade students of Ecole Mondiale World School, Mumbai as a part of Visual Arts curriculum integrated with the unit on “Child Rights”

Enchanted Ink
By Jo Anne Adams
Enchanted Ink is the story of May, a young Persian girl learning the magic of writing for the first time.

The Big-Headed Boy

Collective of young people oriented by Nelson Fernandes
A big-headed little boy is being bullied. At night, with the howl of a wolf, he finds the solution for his problem.

Jerry The Jellyfish
By Liam Webster
When Jerry is kicked out of the jellyfish swarm for having one more tentacle than the others, he searches the ocean to find someone who will accept him.

Maki and the Bird
By Holly James and the Maki team
Maki the lemur chases an elusive bird through the jungle to catch a feather!
The animation was a collaborative 2nd year project with a target audience of 4-6year olds. Hope you enjoy it!

Oh,My Goddess!
By Pei-Chia, Tsai
Love, is the reason that our story want to convey.
We want to tell everyone that we could inclusive everything if we fall in love with someone.

Lend a Hand
By Kolton Nowaczynski
A terminated robot learns the true value of purpose when it meets its superior replacement.

Candelaria Hot Dog
By Alex Montoya
A relentless and cheerful dog walks the colorful streets of “La Candelaria” looking for food; on his way through the city, he finds some cruelty but he also finds a kind and hard working street performer that is also trying to make a living

By Alize Martinez
Creative expression living in hiding, bothered by the noise of the authoritarian speakers, leaving the once colourful town empty and dull. Until Lilou arrive from out of town.

Then at 1pm-3pm, there will be , cute stories framed for large and small where cute short stories mixed ends with a feature film , The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead & Roundhead

ferme cute storys

KidBash_Kid_Poster cute storys

FOXTAIL cute storys


Stäng av mobilen
By Bekim Lukac
A short Cutout animation , created for “Rio Bio Hultsfred”

WaterMill Farm
By Trevor Hardy
All the animals love living down on Watermill Farm. Every day is an adventure and a time spent with friends.
These delightful one minute ‘stop-motion’ animations were created by multi award winning animator, Trevor Hardy.

Fox Tale
By Doosun Shin
When Mr. Fox laughs at Mr. Bunny’s tail, Mr. Fox gets what he deserves.

Let’s Play a Story

By Marina Andree Skop
It’s bed time and Mum reads to her son Toma a story about a Grasshopper and an Ant.

The Boy in the Whale Suit
By Marie Toh
We all see other people from our own perspective. Sometimes, we see something in the other person that no one else notices. In this short film, the story details the curious sense of identification between people through our little heroine – Daiyu.

Cute Firends
By Xiaohan Liu
A little young girl wandered in a forest and picked up some mushrooms along the way. Suddenly she saw a very cute little face under a big trunk. It looks like some kind of very cute and small size creature.

Kitbash Kid
By Wu Jun’An
The story is about a friendship between a boy and a robot.

The Stressful Adventures of Boxhead & Roundhead (feature film)
By Elliot Cowan

When their home is destroyed, Boxhead & Roundhead must head to the big city to battle red tape, rent, rats and the rat race to get it back.
Art and industry, friendship and foul play are all in the mix in this, the most stressful adventure of all.

The dayprogram ends at 4pm-6pm with films on the theme Framing change , Thousand Cranes for Peace & Environment 2015 in cooperation with Origami Association.
A closing of the festival with short films dealing with the situation in our world concerning war, peace, environment , freedom and love.


Framing change

Chakravyuh_05 The visious circle framing change

img-Lady_of_the_Nght-300dpi-1 framing change

Ji_Look_Through_Window-merged Framing change


Zero emission is not just a fairy tale
By Tea Lukač
Short film made to promote use of zero emission and ecological awareness

Zodiac – Evolution
An experimental short about astrology

Animal Landscape
By Shelley Dodson
African animals change the landscape as relationships between predator and prey unfold.

Adventures of Malia
By Shubhavi Arya
In order to save her home from rampant pollution, a little girl goes in search of a magical spell and transforms into a mermaid.

The Easter Island Crises
By Mattias Gordon
A film regarding this.

Different Worlds
By Gökhan Cılam
A young polar bear lives in happiness. But polar bear’s life turns upside down when the human comes to it’s place & build factory.

You Are Not Alone
By Yufeng L
In the year of 2058, Beijing becomes uninhabitable due to air pollution and sandstorms. People are forced to live underground, including a teenage girl. The girl wants to see her sister working above-ground and she sets out with two robotic friends

Chema is an expat architect from Spain who lives in Amsterdam. He has built up a new life there as a wind-up toy maker. He creates small
pieces of art from recycle items.

Arms Trade Treaty – Entry into Force
By Nathan Bayliss
A global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) became international law on 24 December 2014. To mark this historic piece of legislation, gifted motion graphics artist, Nathan Bayliss produced a short film for Amnesty International to illustrate the global flow of arms around the world and Amnesty International’s work in promoting the treaty for 20 years.

By Anna Maria Mouradian
Everyday the mother says goodbye to her child before he goes to school and waits for him to come back without knowing if she will see him again, because of the bombs outside.

Time ago, a winter morning, a little girl went out looking for firewood, she went away from home and came across a blood trail… she followed it.

This Movie describes that last minutes of a little girl who died in war,by enriching with Nazım Hikmet’s poem, named “Kız Çocuğu”, with the different point of view in abstract situation

That’s Mine!
By Maryam Kashkoolinia
Landmines remained from the wars, Still hunting their hunts patiently…

The Blue Marble
By Alexandra Dagenais
The blue marble is a fictional story based on the reality of child soldiers.
A young girl and the other students of her village school are brutally kidnapped by rebels and sent to training camps where they are trained to become ruthless killing machines as child soldiers. A story of oppression and hope.

The Belief
By Amir Vahedi
After finishing the war some people(boots) who were not important and useless in the country became important and now are in the best position and rank of the Pyramid Power of government and in the showcase while they didn’t cost that much.

A Fistful of Dollars
By Cole Clark
In a pastiche mix-up between holiday films and Spaghetti Westerns, an outlaw confronts Santa on Christmas eve in the old west. The outlaw, motivated by the painful memories of receiving coal for Christmas wants revenge

The Disappeared
By Michelle Coomber
Last September 43 Mexican students went missing after being held in police custody. In this striking animated documentary, we hear the voices of those who knew them best – their classmates and relatives. They don’t trust the official version of events and are are determined to discover what happened.

The Vicious Circle
By Dhvani Desai
This public service film is an effort to eradicate the country’s biggest social evil and widely spread and rampant epidemic called “Corruption” through usage of a powerful Legal Act called the Right to Information Act, 2005 (RTI).

A Taste of Freedom
By Alexandra Dagenais
Freedom for Jafar Panahi, and all imprisoned Iranian filmmakers.

The God of Sakarias
By Carolina Hindsjö
The story is about loving. As a human being you can only love in a certain way and you put that feeling on everything. You even put that love on God.

By Iris van den Akker
Visualisation of the book ‘Quiet’, which explains the differences between introversion and extroversion and how to bring them together.

Lady of the Night
By Mikhal Bak, Laurent Boileau, created by Attie Albertus
The annual dinner commemorating the death of Cornelius, revives Samuel’s memories. He was 20 years old when he discovered is attraction to Cornelius. Tormented by regret and misunderstood by all, he never revealed his homosexuality to Cornelius’s family, whom he had invited that evening. After their departure, Samuel retires to his room, desperate, and seeks for refuge in his night life : he becomes a Queen of the Night, in tribute to his lost love.

Ryaba the Hen
By Vasily Kiselev

Once there lived Ryaba the hen with and old man and an old woman who were US spies. They were propagandizing LGBT to minors and tried to destroy Russia. But Ryaba was very patriotic and helped to save the country.
”There is a lot of anti-LGBTQI rhetorics happening in Russia nowadays. In this short animation I wanted to show how absurd it is.”

Amazing Judith and the Wall of Difference
By Julien Verg
Judith, a girl with multiple disabilities, attempts to reach out beyond her isolated world and make contact with a new friend.

Little Attic
By Maiia Fazulina
The animated film is based on a philosophical tale by Maiia Fazulina (11 years). The main idea is that people are full of thoughts since childhood. But thoughts can be different. It is important not to get lost among them and value good thoughts.

By Monica Manganelli
The Ballad of homeless is a short animated film. It’s a poetic and surreal journey into the lands devastated by the earthquake in Emilia (2012).

Mahak (Even a coin)
In this short film coins are the main characters. Coins come from anywhere of the house and they are just symbol of any personality of people that they get connected and in the end they make the logo of Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer (Mahak Charity).

By Trevor Hardy
A little busker gets more from a stranger than money. This lovely little stopmotion animation is from multi award winning animator, Trevor Hardy.

Sunday evening, September 13, 2015 at 7pm-12pm at Iranska Kulturhuset:

Closing Festival for big and small ,with cute stories , children’s film , a mix of films made by children at culture- animation schools and students at colleges from around the world. The day ends with Framing change theme and Thousand Cranes for Peace & Environment 2015. A closing of the festival with short films dealing with the situation in our world concerning war, peace, environment , freedom and love.

The evening continues, 8pm-9pm with Framed by children and college students:

Children Master_00009

children college cabin-nighttime










By Umair Zabihullah

A short exciting nature documentary. created by Umair Zabihullah.

By Rachel Mersky
Spooked’ is an animated short steeped in traditional summer camp ghost stories.

By Goh Wei Choon
This is a recollective animated film exploring what it was like to be a kid in 90’s Singapore. The film follows two unreliable but keen observers – a boy and a girl – as they deal with their outcast primary school lives.

Cute storys framed (for adults & older children):

Cute storys 3

Cute storys 2













By Mehdi Alibeygi
A Badminton shuttlecock has fallen in the corner of the pitch. A tiny bird comes along and mistake the shuttlecock for his mate.

By Jenny Liu
The character incidentally peels his skin off while he is in the class, should he do something about it? Or just leave it this way?

By Noro Držiak and Anthony Ho Wong
The story of a witty and dynamic narrative about love of two snails, which must overcome the pitfalls of the harsh reality that separates them – the road in the middle of the countryside.

The Story Will Be Revealed in the Movie
By: Craig Kane

A unicorn-horned octopus and a talking purple chair fight to save their home town of Sunnyshine from a wicked king and his army.

Daughter of an Ocean
By Kintan Chauhan
By remembering the story of a fish told by her mother, Daughter ‘Suni’ realizes that the story was not just about little fish who wanted to live freely, but was meant for her to understand that she should live her life with freedom, as her mother never did.

By: Irene Cubells, Jaime Maestro (coord.)

RUN !. You are chased to be killed, but deep inside they want to wear your coat because they love what you represent. “Cannibalism is one of the most obvious manifestations of tenderness” Salvador Dalí

By Eileen NTU, students in Singapore
Lucas, an average Singaporean boy, tries to take matters under his control. Upon realizing that sincerity comes from the heart, he finally breaks the ice with his neighbour, Angie.

Koyaa – Flower
By Kolja Saksida
Koyaa, an optimistic young mountain fellow, lives on a rocky ledge above the clouds together with his trusty old friend, the Raven. Everyday objects around him keep coming to life in imaginative ways, creating all kinds of adventures. It’s a bright sunny day on the ledge and Koyaa decides to use it for gardening. Of course, things don’t go according to plan, and the flower he plants somehow turns into a carnivorous monster …

A very ordinary person
By Mikhail Safronov

The character in the story lives a life free of action: a grey town, a grey office, a dull routine job. Still don’t be sad, there’s lot of wonderful things in the world and every day is a small new adventure, just learn to see rather than to look.

The Bald and the Beautiful
By Koen van Geel
A vain greaser with a good head of hair starts losing the exact thing he holds so dear. How will he cope with this fact and what stages does he have to go through to finally accept his loss?

Nothing else but water
By Carlos De Carvalho

The story takes place in Lisbon at the time of the great maritime discoveries. Explorers, looking like pigs, arrive in the harbour after a long voyage across the oceans. Everywhere in the city small groups gather and congratulate each other. They organize spontaneous round dances and celebrate their return. Meanwhile, a young pig has the strange feeling of being completely isolated from the others in his own native city…

By Gints Zilbalodis

A man escapes from prison and meets a boy who has run away from school.

The Casebook of Nips & Porkington
An animated short film about two members of the constabulary and their quest to restore a stolen egg to its distraught parents.

Digital Native
By Mahboobeh Mohammadzaki

This film is the story of a woman who upload a fetus. Some conflict occurs between the woman, fetus and digital world around them. Finally woman download the fetus …

By Joshua Kahan
A character portait of a graphic designer living in East London

Life Smartphone
By Xie Chenglin
The phenomenon of increasing Smartphone Addicts can be attributed to today’s cutting-edge technology.

We end the festival with Framing Change:

Change Cartel_GCA

Change Equilibrio_Balance

Change POSTER_Eu




















work line 2014
By Fredrik Andersson
the mentally retarded politicians are playing golf while working line rolls on as usual.
Gudrun calling Reinfeldt , she wants answers.

By Erika Castillo Licea
We need balance, humanity must realize that natural resources are finite, that is exhaustible, and that the relationship between men depend on new ways of harmonising with nature, as well as current patterns of consumption.

By Marcel Barelli
The story of the first nuclear power plant 100% made in Switzerland… but also the last.

The water Bearer
By Kim Noce
“Young Mr Stone meets engineer Mr Latham and together they come up with a marvellous plan to bring water to everyone home in the Itchen valley which still exists to this day”

The Last…
By Pegah HamidkhaniA short film : fight between war and life

Play date
By Sepideh Borjinia
Many children and adult in the Middle East are wounded and killed by mines, shells, bombs and not done explosive devices, because they look like a toy.
Children mistake these bombs with toys and take them to play. When they are trying to clean them and shine their metallic surface, these explosive devices get exploded in their faces and hands.

Maria’s Mirror
by Hanna Mironenko-Usikova
The film is dedicated to the tolerance and moral aspects of interethnic relations. Getting into the flow of time, taking part in the dramatic events of the russian history, the heroine realizes that human life is the highest moral value.

The Valley Below
By Matthias Huber
What is disguised in the haze will only be revealed from up close.
On top of a mountain a soldier protects his town from threat lurking beneath the fog. One day a mishap forces him to
confront his fears. In the process he realizes that not everything unknown hides great danger.

8 bullets
I lost my wife during an assault. A red-haired man entered my home, smelling of dried fish. He was carrying a weapon ; he used it on my family. Since then, I’ve been feeling a void ; a whole in my head.

By Sara Azad
The story is about a boy who is caught in the middle of a revolution in his country and decides to run away from it.

To see or not to see
By Majid Ahmady
They want to execute a man but his last request is to see

Armenian Papers
By Ornella Macchia

At the market of Yerevan, a merchant invites us to share his fruits and his history…
Accompanied by birds, we discover the life of this man full of the colours of Armenia…

The black box
By Amir Reza Jalalian

Chickpeas with sugar
By Antonio Aguilar

February 7, 1937. The entrance of nationalist troops in Málaga is imminent. A woman and her four daughters are preparing for a long way on foot to look for her husband.

Hidden Heroes
By Nigel Kellaway
Hidden Heroes tells the epic story of how messages from families in India to their loved ones far far away, fighting in the trenches of France, were delivered in a world without telephone, texts, Facebook and email.

By: Gray Hodgkinson
The animated movie “Displaced” is a symbolised narrative inspired by the Tampa boat people incident of 2001, where rescued boat refugees were refused entry into Australia.

By Vladimir Nicolas
A poem-based short film about Homelessness.
The homeless man Paul is wandering into a big and rich city while he is trying to find out a place to call “home”.

The Witchdingdilly
By Johan Lindon
Short film about the unemployed Jonas. His thoughts take him back to his childhood and the Witchdingdilly, a woman he sometimes teased. He decides to find out more about her, asking his parents and sister. He makes his way back to her neighborhood to speak to her, but falters by the door and leaves.

By Victoria Duncan
A surrealistic portrayal of a young girl struggling with self-image and discovering what truly makes her feel beautiful in life.

One of Thousands
By Baran Mohammad Reihani
In lots of Asian villages it’s a common tradition that girls in poor families wave carpets. they start
waving when they are still small and continue until they get old, like their mothers. that is why
handmade carpets are priceless, because they cast youth and dreams. but what about those girls?

Three’s a Crowd
By Trevor Hardy
Ray is a single man, living in a block of flats in the UK.
Ray likes the single life, just himself to look after, his own time in his own flat, just himself and a good book.
Next to Ray lives’, single mum Paula and her six year old daughter Sophie.
All is fine until ‘Wayne’, Paula’s Ex Junkie boyfriend comes to the flat looking for trouble.
Ray hears the situation that is arising from next door but should he ignore it or get involved?

The Wires
By Tatiana and Marina Moshkova
What if the words coming from our mouths could turn into living creatures and start making decisions of their own?

Ways Of Seeing

By Jerrold Chong
Rumble of train rails; Crashing of ocean waves; Soft caress of distant wind. Two people. Two ways of perceiving the world.

Cairo 52
By Dominique Birrer
On Friday 11th mai 2001, police forces raided a disco on a boat, the Queen Boat and arrested 52 homosexuals. They were convicted of debauchery and put into jail for several years.

A Man Called Man
By Guy Charnaux
Family, love, violence, death. The ludicrousness of a western upbringing in a nutshell.

By michail solyanov
The cartoon is about a girl, who came from a trip with suitcase so large and heavy, that she can’t pick it up on the stairs in front of the bridge.


The Disney of Duivendrecht, a businessman’s idea of an artist
By Flip Nagler (Feature film)
Documentary on the ground-breakin g puppet animation films with which the Dutch animation pioneer Joop Geesink conquered the world.










This documentary shines light on the innovative entrepreneurship of Joop Geesink and the unique talents of his animators through interviews with former employees and numerous memorable film fragments.

IN.S.A.N.E. wants to thank you ALL for your wonderful films. Tack ALLA för alla fina filmer.


&  see you at Insane pop-up festivals that you now can book and next year for an even bigger IN.S.A.N.E.

Best Regards,

Petra Palm

IN.S.A.N.E. animation film festival organiser